Welcome to A'kiba

We are an innovative team
who has the mission to built
influential tools and
digital experiences.

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We are A'kiba

A'kiba develops tech driven solutions and experiences. Our goal is to help users in their daily lives. We create tools inspired by our desire to grow, innovate, and transform our society. We take pride in listening, learning and understanding our markets before working on a solution. We identify users needs then apply our expertise to shape the fitting architecture.


What We Do

We are a technology development firm focused on building softwares for the next generation of users. Our solutions focus on adding value to our clients’ experiences.

Brand Identity

A'kiba means "Thank you" in Fang dialect. This gratitude is the heart of our company. Our work focuses on giving back using the experiences that we aquired in our careers.


The A'kiba team is formed by Technology and Financial sectors experts. The team combines close to a decade of experience in North America amongst the largest groups.


Our projects share a core team but they’re tailored to fit their specific targeted market. The marketing strategy is therefore adapted to each market and its users.


We are an international firm with ties around the globe. Our operations are spread between Africa - Europe - Asia and America. Our goal is to expand to further horizons


The visual properties associated to our projects represent an important aspect of our methodology. We want our users to be able to experience our products by their designs.

Packaged Development

To design, develop and monitor new tech tools. These solutions are expected to bring convenience and satisfy our market needs. A'kiba wants to uplift user’s experiences.